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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tesco Crew Not Down With Tesco!

Hi there I work in an express store in the city centre of Glasgow and its the worst job i've had. We have only been open a matter of weeks and the staff and managers are overworked and stressed out all the time. The shelves are empty and dirty and most of us are looking elsewhere for jobs.Anonymous disgruntled employees........


tesco lickarse said...

Looks like a bunch of lads having fun in work. Whats wrong with this?

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look that overworked in those pictures!

baldilocks said...

overworked AND underpaid by the seems of it, as he cannot even afford a decent haircut!

Anonymous said...

I take it this is Tescos Complaint Blog's version of whilstleblowing!


john said...

how dare you diss my hair cut!!!! it's a homemade sheers job!!! how the hell did you get my tesco pics of me and me mates on here??? im going to count me shares! x note my cage antics in the top right hand corner!!!

tesco-complaint said...

now now john who rattled ur cage?

you dont mind ur pic on here do ya?

anyway get back in ya cage!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Tesco complaint publishes peoples posts then slags them off!

Anonymous said...

the picture and the post are not from the same people which is obvious from john's post!!!

Anonymous said...

cut your hair john ure a mess

Anonymous said...

Are these posts from Bill and Teds bogus journey? pmsl
I love the piccys i honestly do loooooool;-))) nice one.
Get a life and leave this place,
go get a job with local independent business,chill,enjoy and be happy man!
you know it all makes sense! local businesess are the key to fun and free spirit!!!

Psycho_eyes said...

Never thought about being caught by your bosses with those pics?

Anonymous said...

i hope he catches them and sacks them. bloody tesco arseholes

Anonymous said...

Ive sent those pics to the big man lol

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