Media Request FAO Tesco Staff ~ Tesco-Complaint

Monday, June 11, 2007

Media Request FAO Tesco Staff

"Are you a current or former Tesco employee? Did extreme targets cause you to cut corners in your job? Are you a manager or supervisor who was forced to compromise your standards in order to keep profits on track? If so please get in touch with this site."


Anonymous said...

I have never been employed with tesco, However 18 years ago when I was due to leave school, I went for an interview with the retail giant (not so much a giant as it is today), Being fresh out of school and very quiet and shy at the time I did not get the job and was very upset lol.
I assume that tesco was probably a very different place to work in back then?

However, 18 years later I run a successful chain of food retail outlets, employ a lot of staff which I respect and treat as family, speak 3 european languages, and treat my suppliers with respect.
Tesco must have thought I was no good for the job, but somehow somewhere I am sure I do them some damage;-)
Anyway, the whole point of this post is a message to tesco.
"Treat ALL your staff with RESPECT!" And they will respect you.
I look on my staff as the shareholders, they keep the business going,My staff get big bonuses at the end of the year for xmas and extra for holiday pay,and I listen to everyones problems,know all their names and NEVER EVER raise myself above anyone!
Tesco,Take a leaf out of my book!

Anonymous said...

If your that good how come you don't do as well as Tescos?

It's no good offering staff all these bonus's when Tescos have obviously beaten you on the customer front.

voice of reason said...

I liked the sound of the first poster, he seems to have the values which we would all like to experience whilst working in retail. I can tell him that working for Tesco is a much different experience, and that we do not feel appreciated, and that any personal contact such as first name terms tends to feel a little false coming from many of our senior management. Good on you, first poster, we could do with more like you.

Anonymous said...

Im not a manager or supervisor as such but i do work on backdoor which can be a stressful enviroment.
We have what is called turnaround times, i do believe that because of these targets H&S is put at risk,i know a member of staff who wasn't trained in the area, he had a roll cage full of drink weighing about 300 - 400kg fell on top of him landing him in hospital for 2 weeks & had 3 months off.
All for decreasing turnaround times!!!
For those managers who think they an get away watch yourselfs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou voice of reason!;-)
And to anonymous about not doing as well as tescos,

I don't do as well as tescos for two simple reasons.
1.There ismore to life than work work work, life is too short and you can't take it with you;-) I more than value my staff,for me they are a family and they have families too with feelings,I am not interested in being anything like tesco, I have just been more than lucky and im happy with what not i but we as a team have;-)
2.I would never steep as low as tesco,simple.

In a nutshell, Do we work to live or live to work? ask yourself that question.

Anyway I say to my staff,would you like a coffee? come on lets go for a beer! its the weekend!;-)
Life is made up of many roads, choose it wisley,most important of all, be happy,make others happy!!!


Tesco Payment of Wages:

Last month despite only having worked a basic month and not having been late or gone early Tesco Wigan did somehow contrive to pay me half a hour short in my pay.

I submitted my pay slip and a covering letter for the attention of the stores "new" compliance manager who informed me somewhat abruptly that a reply to my enquiry would only be forthcoming via my department manager ....or she could'nt be arsed with the like's of me in other words! 2 weeks later I had heard nothing...on asking my manager(more than once) he informed me the the new super compliance manager had either lost or mislaid my wage slip since then nothing, the response is that I should just accept it and shut up moaning....Sorry TESCO WIGAN and MS ALISON MURRAY this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH......I DO NOT STEAL FROM YOU I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO STEAL FROM ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

must have come in late one day or something mate, at least according to the clocking in machine. If you come in a few minutes late for example it will round up 5 mins to 15 or mor likely had too long a break,(one where you do clock in and out for). Dont forget that your wage slip is a week behind so may be 5 weeks ago not just 4 that it may have happened.

Anonymous said...

You can tell this blogs getting desperate when it has to lower its 'slagging off' Tescos to asking members of staff if their missing half an hours pay!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To mr Peter Garrity,

Well ok...I can understand your frustration at loosing about £3.02 from last months pay, however before you start slagging of someone you should think about what your saying. It is your direct manager / team leaders responsibility to code exceptions (changes from your contracted shifts) caused when by you clocking in or out. Hence if there is an error with your wages then these people will be able to help you.
If the issue is not caused by this but by head office then your manager/team leader will pass this on to wages department for them to investigate and resolve/answer.

I don;t know what job you do but if you had several hundred members of staff asking you to check something that took you 5 to 10 mins to complete that should be done by someone else then you would never get your own job done.

oh by the way can I just point out that by naming a person at work and by your comments on this site you are potentially attempting to bring the company in to disprepute which is gross misconduct as per your contract and your compliance manager has the opportunity to take out a grievence against you for dignity at work of which you apear to have none. I will be contacting your store, having saved a copy of your posting to pass on to your compliance manager.

Besides you'll probably find you were late or finished early one day or two and hence got docked the pay hence lost the pay.

Anonymous said...

TESCO - stick to selling food! Your Home Phone & Internet Services are diabolical! ( I now know why - they are both out-sourced! ) I had the misfortune of switching to both of these & by christ I wish I hadn't! The Home Phone being the worst utility by far! They took money from my bank when I hadn't recieved a bill (this happened THREE times!!) No access to the web facility to check my calls (they told me a new system had been implimented & they were having problems!) A fault took 8 days to correct. Calling features I had with my previous supplier were now chargable ( I was not advised of this at the time!) Then, once I had finally escaped this shoddy service (or so I thought!) I was billed for subscriptions (again without seeing a bill, it was only when my bank statement arrived that I discovered this!) When my complaint hadn't been responded to for over two weeks I called to see why & was told that there was over 1,000 complaints in a back log! Hummm I can see why! I eventually spoke with the complaints manager at tesco phone (Ms June Edger) I was told that as I had cancelled my direct debit a refund could not be given but would I accept 1,000 club card points? HOLD ON!!!! NO I COULDN'T!!! For a start I was billed more than £10.00. I eventually got my complaint resolved but I will NEVER use a service provided by Tesco again which is out-sourced! The customer service was just pathetic & if that is the attitude of a so called manager I just hope to god she isn't in charge of staff training too! Having said that the staff I spoke with were okay but they really didn't have a clue but to be fair they are working with a system which had just been changed and was not working correctly - I thought one girl I was speaking to was going to cry she was that frustrated!
Stick to the food side Tesco - that's what you do best!

Voice of Reason said...

Hear Hear!

Anonymous said...

i work at kilbirnie store anddue to certain managers...not fresh u r encouraged to cut corners ire sellout of date products......
futher more the manager is an arse hole!!!

Anonymous said...

I would start to look at the policy of express stores leaving fresh products unchilled whilst the new stock is put onto the shelves.

Anonymous said...

Stop commenting, this site is now dead :DDDDD

Anonymous said...

I worked for Tesco for four years and left in January 2007. I worked on Dot com and it was so stressful. the store is all about if your face fits, if you dont fit in with ie. managers etc then you simply dont get on there.
Working on dot com was the most hardest, tiring, str4essful job anyone could want. You were treated like dirt, bullied if you didnt work fast enough, mocked for not having good enough picking rates. You would always be put down and never praised for anything you do well in your job, if you do something well there would always be a "but you could do this better" I saw middle aged men and women be reorted to tears and bullied until they left or was moved on to other departments.
In the 12 months before I left Tesco so many of the staff went of sick with stress and depression, including my self.
Tesco is not a friendly company to work for and does not think anything about there staff. If you have a family problem and need time of work, you will never get there support, on returning to work you will have a review which is like a court hearing. You sit in a room with two managers and questioned about your sickness. After returning to work from my 5 weeks of with depression I had to sit and explain how I was ill, what made me ill and could I of come back to work sooner. There is never any compassion and staff who have been of sick with serious illnesses one member of staff nearly died went into her staff attendence review to be given a verbal warning for being sick for to long.
I could go on and on but I dont want to bore you but hopefully people will see that working for this giant company is hell.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm bored just with that.

Anonymous said...

I've worked at Tesco for nearly a year now and can honestly say that, although there are some petty targets to be met, it generally does not cause staff to cut corners or do their job badly. The majority of the people I work with are very hardworking - a very small minority do not do as they are told and are rude to customers but I would imagine that this would be the same in any major company as large as Tesco.

Anonymous said...

We frequently have to make employees hold back from their breaks and we team leaders have gone sometimes 7hours!!!!! without a break because of the FEAR of not having the answers for the boss about our one in front results.

Anonymous said...

i have worked for tesco for 2 years & i have to say i have never had any problems there, they aren't perfect but then no-one is! it is hard running a large store and mistakes do happen, also if any of the staff in my store are rude to customers (which rarely happens) they are given a firm warning and if it happens again they are likely to be sacked!

Anonymous said...


Cages left out for hours, sometimes the whole night. especially yogurts and long life. chiller too full for this stock as spliting down the order needs to be done in there. Unless its christmas and raw meat has overflowed into the provisions chill, then the split is done in the warehouse or shop floor.. how long do you think it takes to split down 80+ cages and then put it on the shelf? more than 20mins.. try hours..

Waste on the shop floor. Fresh waste I mean.. often catch customers digging around the baskets of now out of code reductions.

The policy of never paying staff for half hours.. so if you start at 2130-0700 you only get 2200-0700 pay.

Confidentiality of the 'sick book' when you phone your name, dept and reason for absence are put in a book, this book is then taken to every handover where anyone there can browse through.. any team leader, manager, options candidate, pre options.. and trust me.. it's not confidential.

A thing called 'rolling stock' Where a loose produce item is out of date.. the label on the side of the basket/dolly somehow vanishes (making it illegal) but gets sold anyhow.. or another one is out of date loose things again.. being bagged and put in the reductions cabinet.

The same old one about fire exits blocked up.. always blocked up.

Working in a 24hr store on the tills by myself with no security guard. what about the 2 at all times rule?? i now refuse to work there by myself on such occasions.

Produce Dollies with raw meat stacked in baskets above fresh unwrapped produce.. mainly apples, they dont even have a plastic cover. think of that next time you give your child a tesco apple.

Anonymous said...

I work as a Checkout Team Leader in a store in Dundee.

One of the things I hate most about this job is keeping track of the One In Front/I Dont Queue targets. we as Team leaders constantly keep a track making sure "all of our customers do not have more than one customer in the queue in front of them" at the checkouts at all times.

We are constantly working hard, sometime not getting our breaks because it is too busy to leave the checkout and there is not enough checkout lanes on.

The system relies on cameras at the front of every checkout that picks up how many customers have not received one in front. Sometimes this can break down or give innacurate readings - still you have to think of an answer to the duty manager as to why we are failing.

The job is stressful and management don't make is any easier for us and shopfloor staff grudge to go on a checkout during releif cashier calls. We can't win!

All this and plus managing the department, running around like a headless chicken and getting abuse from customers.

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